Distance Learning Model Reinforced with Robotics for 3-7 Years Old Children (Project Acronym EARLY) is an Erasmus +, KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education 2021, Higher Education project that started on 11-11-2021 and will end on 01-05-2024 (30 months). It was presented by the Coordinator, the It is coordinated by the KOCAELI UNIVERSITY (KOU) to the Centre for the European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency).


EARLY is dedicated to ensuring that current and future preschool teachers can develop and update their skills to provide education and training to young children in different situations. University courses for these professions do not always provide training regarding “online and digital education for early years children”. So, preschool teacher candidates mainly focus on face-to-face teaching activities. The lack of knowledge in this regard has already been reflected in the applications of current preschool teachers since many current preschool teachers complain that not being able to interact with children because of the pandemic situation and because the schools have been closed from time to time, their teaching processes have been affected negatively. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that different aspects of the educational process must be able to be carried out even in the absence of the presence of face-to-face education. This emergency also highlights the need for early education to be carried out in other situations (sick children, disability situations, and in various emergencies) and also in situations of normality, in support of learning at home, and in support of family members' ability to care for young children. For this reason, preschool teacher candidates need to be prepared for different situations requiring to support children through distance education and they need to learn how to involve parents in the educational process in order to get efficiency during distance education in the best possible ways.


Objectives of the project are as follows To raise early school teaching undergraduates’ awareness of Distance Learning To contribute to eliminating the challenges which they will face while teaching children 3-7 years c. To meet them with innovative teaching activities that can be used to accelerate the learning processes of children 3-7 years. To contribute to the personal development of children 3-7 years in terms of fostering all children’s skills together with their peers with diversified backgrounds and personal features by raising prospective teachers’ awareness e. To obtain genuine, valid and reliable data on the needs of prospective teachers related to the teaching activities to engage children 3-7 years in the learning process more effectively. The project aims to provide a methodology to support European teachers, parents, and young children about how best to utilize digital and online technologies to develop multimodal practices and to provide kindergarten and primary school teachers and tutors, Associated Partners and Stakeholders, and the European educational systems with a pedagogical methodology and some guidelines to autonomously design a Methodology for Online Education.